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Performing Art Class


Bard Theatre Company

Steeped in experience and with education at its core, The Bard Theatre company brings words to life and gives students practical tools to use when approaching theatre and text.

The Bard Theatre Company is an Irish theatre company that specialises in workshops for students in secondary school. From, creating theatre from the ground up to production, exploring techniques such as puppetry and movement, to diving into the world and texts of Shakespeare, The Bard Theatre Company gives students a rounded, interactive experience that will elevate and excite them into further learning.

Workshops devised and lead by Stephen McCabe, whose acting experience has ranged from the Westend, Shakespeare across the continent and the BBC, each workshop offers students the chance to work with, and along side a professional in the world of theatre and on screen acting.

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With a passion for storytelling and a love of theatre, The Bard Theatre Company aims to give everyone the skills they need to express their own story. 

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